Monday, August 25, 2008

A Very Fun Day

Timmy is our star of the day.
Matthew said, "Music was fun!"
Mia said, "We went to pe."
Casey said, "We practiced writing numbers."
Levi said, "We used the SMART Board."
Kyra said, "We practiced doing math."
Mason said, "We went to recess."
Julia said, "We went outside for recess."
Jalyne said, "We practiced making "a" words with letter tiles."


Angie Bruce said...

I love hearing about your favorite parts of first grade! I hope you all have another very fun day today!

LeviNDrake said...

Levi talks about the smart board at home as well!
I'm loving the quotes!

Weston's mom said...

WOW!!!! You 1st graders are really busy! When I am teaching, I am really busy too. Eventhough I don't get to go to music, art and you do, I do get to do math and lots of writing too! Those are both very important classes, so I hope you are all doing your very best work.