Saturday, January 31, 2009

All About Penguins

The class talked about five different species of penguins on Friday and completed a project illustrating each type and adding a fact for each.

Snow Days

We came back to school on Friday of this week after a major snowstorm and three snow days. The boys and girls brainstormed all of the things they did during their snow days. We sorted our ideas by names of things (nouns) and words that told what we did (verbs). The students used this word bank on the SMART Board to write about their snow day activities. Everyone also created a snow picture to display with their writing. We tore white construction paper to make the snow covering the ground and then drew details with our crayons. Finally, they used white paint to show how the snow covered everything. Look for their writing on our website next week.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Penguin Parade

We are studying penguin this month. We have been talking about where penguins live, the different species, and other general facts. We wanted to see how tall penguins are and see that they are not all the same size so we traced life size penguins and worked on committees to complete them. We found that the smallest penguins are the little blue and the largest are the emperor penguins. Thanks so Katy's mom for helping us measure and trace the penguins and our high school friends from Mrs. Oxford's class for helping us write our penguin facts. Take a stroll down our hall to see our penguin parade.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reading Buddies

The students from one of Mrs. Oxford's classes from the high school visited our class on Friday. Our first graders were so excited to meet them and begin to get to know them. They will be coming every Friday morning for the rest of this semester to read or practice language arts skills with our class. This week they read the story, Tomas Rivera, from our reading series with the kids. Then they each helped their first grade buddies complete a vocabulary worksheet. Finally, the first graders used books about penguins in our classroom or facts they had learned about penguins to write a sentence to add to our penguin display we are working on. The first graders really enjoyed the visit and are certainly looking forward to seeing their reading buddies next week.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The boys and girls were given the letters e,i,n,t,w,r today. We built several words with those letters both on the SMART Board and with their individual letters. Then they were challenged to use all of the letters to make one word. It didn't take them long to build the word winter with all of the letters. Then they glued the letters on paper and made winter pictures. During writing we wrote about lots of things we like to do in winter. Look for those stories later this week.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Counting Coins on Our SMART Board

We have been practicing buying things using dimes and pennies. We picked items on our SMART Board that we would like to purchase and then counted the correct amount of money to purchase the item on our board. It would be great practice for the boys and girls to practice counting with dimes and pennies at home.

Senteo Clickers

The boys and girls are having a great time practicing things we are learning as well as showing what they have learned using our Senteo Clickers. We use the with our SMART Board. Each student has their own clicker and are able to choose their answer for questions presented on the board. Really makes practicing skills and learning lots of fun!!!


We are beginning a study of penguins. Last week we made penguin folders to hold all of the fun things we do. Thanks to Kyra's mom for helping us finish them.
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Katy's Trip to Texas

Katy wrote about her trip to Texas in December. She added some pictures to make a digital story. We hope you enjoy it.