Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reading Buddies

The students from one of Mrs. Oxford's classes from the high school visited our class on Friday. Our first graders were so excited to meet them and begin to get to know them. They will be coming every Friday morning for the rest of this semester to read or practice language arts skills with our class. This week they read the story, Tomas Rivera, from our reading series with the kids. Then they each helped their first grade buddies complete a vocabulary worksheet. Finally, the first graders used books about penguins in our classroom or facts they had learned about penguins to write a sentence to add to our penguin display we are working on. The first graders really enjoyed the visit and are certainly looking forward to seeing their reading buddies next week.


Matthew's Mom/Mrs. Jenkins said...

What a great program! It was fun to see my son and his 1st grade classmates working and learning together with my students from the high school.

kathlene kyra said...