Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanks to Katy's Mom!

Our story this week was a nonfiction story about ants. We have learned lots about ants this week. Today we wrote 3 things we learned that ants can do and one thing they can't. Thanks to Katy's mom for coming to tape the boys and girls reading what they wrote.



I had so much fun working with you guys on your Ant interviews! Yall are very talented and you had some great stories. I think we might have some future news anchors in class. Keep up the good work. I look forward to working with yall again Thursday! Rheana ( Katy's mom )

Nichole said...

thaku you Mrs. Powell. from Jalyne

DrPet50 said...

/Thank you so much for your gifted talent in capturing the daily events in your classroom. As mother to Rheana and Katy's GiGi this is the closest thing I have to visiting them since I live in TEXAS. Yee Ha!! It is amazing to see how interactive the classrooms have become through the years. I would bet that alot of the ceativity credit goes to their teacher. Thank you again for sharing this special time with us.

LaHoma Colley (GiGi)