Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Building Words

This week have had fun using our Document Camera with letter tiles and the fridge magnets on our SMART Board. We have been racing to build words. We use the dual screen feature on our SMART Board. One person gets to build the word on the SMART Board with fridge magnets and the other builds the word with letter tiles under the document camera. It's been so much fun!!


Alicia said...

I think it's really cool for how they make words on the Smart Board. It's fun for them and for them to learn at the same time.

Ken Rodoff said...

Was this done using the Smart brand document camera? So interested in trying this, but we have ELMO document cameras and I can't seem to figure it out.

And advice?

Melanie Corn said...

Yes, Ken this was done with the SMART Document camera. I haven't used the Elmo so it would be different and I don't know how it would work. The nice thing about the SMART camera is that it integrates right into the Notebook software so we just use dual screen view to use both tasks at once.